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Tarot ReadingNumerology is based on the belief that a number and an event have a significant relationship. This is considered as pseudomathematics and is often associated with astrology and paranormal acts. But throughout everything, Numerology has proven to be not just a numbers game.

The Numerology chart only uses eleven numbers which are the following; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 22. Any number larger than 11 and 22 are added together until their sum is one of the core numbers of the numerology chart. To use numerology in a person, you only need to have the complete name and its birthday.

Every letter has a corresponding number. The letters A, J and S represents the number 1. Number 2 bears the letters B, K and T while the number 3 has C, L and U. The number 4 represent the letters D, M and V and the number 5 has E, N and W. F, O and X are represented by the number 6 and the number 7 bears the letters G, P and Y. Number 8 has H, Q and Z and number 9 has I and R.

In numerology every number has a corresponding negative and positive trait. People who have number one have pioneering spirits, strong leadership skills and are very courageous. They are very determined and have executive abilities. On the other hand, they tend to be overly assertive or aggressive and are dominating and boastful.

People who got number two are very cooperative, adaptive and considerate of other people. These people are very sensitive and sincere. Often times they play the role of a diplomat. However, they are very shy and self-conscious at times.

The number 3 represents a person who is fond of expressing himself or herself. These people are often artistically gifted and are optimistic, fun loving and find happiness in basically everything. But often they are exaggerated and lack direction because of scattered energies. They also have tendencies to be self-centered.

The number 4 has strong sense of values and exhibits fine managerial skills. They are highly practical and have scientific minds with great attention to details. Their downfall however is the fact that they lack imagination and gets caught up so much in details that makes them slow to act.

The number 5 are great with new and visionary ideas that exhibits quick thinking and versatility. These persons are action oriented and often curious and are explorers. They can be restless and discontent at times.

The number 6 has strong sense of responsibility and very nurturing. They also are community oriented and unselfish. However they can be really stubborn and dominating especially to their family and friends.

The number 7 are very skilled din research and scientific and inventive. They love solitude and peace and are often times perfectionist. They are overly reserved and isolated. The Number 8 are oozing with political skills and loves to work for a cause.  They are decisive and commanding but very workaholic and overly ambitious. The number 9 are giving by nature and selfless But they are often moody and careless when it comes to finances.