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Tarot Reading

During the 15th century, Tarot cards are very popular in several parts of Europe and were first known as a pack of playing cards. It is played similarly as the modern game of Bridge during that time.

In the 18th century, Tarot cards have been used in other forms such as in the divinatory arts. The symbols that appear on these cards can show insights of feelings and events that might happen in your life and could even provide you with guidance on whatever situation you are about to partake. From that period forward, it is well-known and used mostly in efforts of divination and even maps to the spirit world or afterlife.

If you’re new about Tarot cards especially on its divine purposes then this article will give you an idea about that.

To start, you should understand about the two types of reading cards which are Question Readings and Open Readings. Read this:

Question Readings

This particular reading works by asking a specific question. But whatever answers the Tarots give you, it shouldn’t be ultimately used for a decision but it can be a guide. This is the primary reason why the questions asked is always important. In order to make this type of reading work, you can follow these guidelines for your questions:

  • Be open to options – By having answers before the reading even started would simply mean that you are not letting the cards guide your decision. This will lose the significance of the cards and you surely won’t be thrilled by whatever answers will be given to you.
  • Look for the best level of detail – It would be best that you put more focus on your questions but don’t put too much detail on it. The level of detail should be minimal so that you can learn from the guidance of the cards.
  • Focus on yourself – If the intention of the reading is for yourself then make sure to focus the questions on you instead of including someone else. This will help the answers be more helpful and avoid confusion.
  • Be positive – When asking questions, don’t ask something like why a particular event hasn’t happened. Instead, ask something like what you can do to make it happen. It’s better and more relieving when you ask it that way.

Open Readings

This type of readings is primarily focused on the larger aspects of your life instead of something specific. It is done when you’re moving on to a newer phase of life wherein you will be making big decisions for your future.

The Tarot Decks

The decks of Tarot cards have a wide variety but there is no specific number of cards for each deck. Although the illustrations of these cards are not always the same but their meanings remain unchanged. The themes of these decks mostly are dragons, animals, fantasy, nature, etc.

Tarot decks are composed of the Major and Minor Arcana. The Minor Arcana is almost the same as regular playing cards because it also consists of 4 suits which are cups, swords, wands and circles or pentacles. The suits on this card have a meaning which pertains to a particular approach in life. This card usually represents the practical ups and downs that occur daily in our lives.

Meaning of suits in the Minor Arcana cards:

  • The Cups Suit – This is also called the Chalice Suit and it has similarities to that of the Heart Suit. It represents everything that is related to the heart such as feelings, emotions, admiration, kindness and love.
  • The Wands Suit – This is also called the Rods, Staves or Batons Suit and it has similarities to that of the Clubs Suit. It represents things that are about to happen such as prediction, intuition, visions and gut-feelings.
  • The Pentacles Suit – This is also called the Coins Suit and it has similarities to that of the Diamonds Suit. It represents the material things in life such as wealth, priced possessions or anything that you cherish.
  • The Swords Suit – It has similarities to that of the Spades Suit and it represents anything that has to do with your mind such as intellect and decisions.

The Major Arcana doesn’t consist of suits but pictures instead. The pictures on the card are a representation of concepts, principles and ideals. It also focuses on strong or big events that can happen in our lives.

If you get both Major and Minor Arcana cards in the same subject then it’s a sign that that subject will become less significant in your life.

Some things to know about Tarot card reading

1. Whenever a psychic reader is doing the reading, the client isn’t allowed to handle or use the Tarot cards at any cost. Only the reader is eligible enough to do the handling of the cards.

2. Tarot card reading is not the same as fortune telling or can predict the future. It is only a reflection or a guidance in which a person can follow to change the situation. The client is always free to change whatever was told during their reading and ultimately change the outcome.

3. For some Tarot reading groups, it is considered bad luck if you buy your own deck since your first set is usually given out to you. In another group, choosing your cards will depend on which one is calling out to you.

4. Sometimes it is best not to rely based on what the definition of the cards holds. It is also okay to follow what your heart is telling you and what your intuition says. Try shifting your focus on that and you will eventually get some answers. If you practice this skill then you will become more aware about your ability to read these cards.

For anyone seeking guidance through Tarot cards, just remember that the interpretations are sometimes contradictory and it’s not intended to always be taken seriously. The readings will sometimes make sense in your life but there are also that don’t. So just take it into your own consideration if you take these readings seriously or not. Just remember that it is for guidance and not something that can predict the future or outcome of a particular situation.