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A lot of people nowadays are widely interested with Astrology. But no matter how many people are in tune with astrology, it is always bombarded with critics and non-believers. Here, we will discuss about what is astrology and go through a little of its history to understand better the world of the stars.

Astrology or sometimes called as Astromancy is founded on the proposition that the events happening in the human world is greatly affected by its relationship in astronomical phenomena. Basically, it is searching for a meaning in the expanse of the sky. Several civilizations have actually created an extensive method of predicting major events by observing and interpreting astronomical signs in the heavens.

Lunar cycles were originally noted carved in the walls 25,000 years ago. This paved the way for the observation of the relationship of the moon and the tides in the ocean. And upon the increase of knowledge of the stars activities, agricultural needs were addressed. The oldest astrological references recorded were made during the King Sargon of Akkad’s reign on 2334-2279 BCE entitled The Venus tablet of Ammisaduqa.

Gudea of Lagash (2144 BCE), a Sumerian ruler, told the stories of how the gods taught him in a dream the most favourable time in constructing a temple by the observation of the constellations and the world of the stars.

Astrology started in 2nd millennium BCE using a calendrical system to foretell the shifting of the seasons and also used for the interpretation of “divine” encounters. Astrology was evident and widely practiced in Mesopotamia’s first dynasty. The start of Chinese astrology is dated back in the Zhou Dynasty at around 1046 to 256 BCE. The creation of horoscopic astrology dates back in 332 BCE after the Hellenistic astrology combined with the Babylonian astrology and the Egyptian Decanic astrology.

Western Astrology uses horoscope which is based on the moment when a person is born. It is found in the movements and the position of things such as the sun, the moon and the planets, analyzed through the signs of the zodiac and the relationship to one another. They are also interpreted by their placement in the twelve spatial divisions in the sky. These relationships between the sun, moon and planets and a person’s life are dubbed as the language of heavens speaking to learned men.

The Chinese astrology coincides with the Chinese’s theory of three harmonies that includes heaven, earth and man, and also with the concepts of yin and yang, 12 earthly branches and the shichen which is used for religious purposes. Chinese astrology is used mainly as a guide in making decisions especially in the right timing for an event or a decision to be made. Instead of using the twelve partitions in the sky, the Chinese zodiac divides the sky into three enclosures and twenty eight mansions in twelve ci.

The animals in the Chinese zodiac namely; Rat, Ox, Tiger, Dragon, Rabbit, Snake, Horse, Rooster, Dog, Goat, Monkey and Pig, is said to be representing twelve different kinds of personality. The animal that a person has predicts a person’s fate based on its personality and not directly on the stars.